How to Add Music to KineMaster

KineMaster is one of the most famous apps for image and video editing across the world. Millions of people use it for fun, making video animations even most professional photographers like it due to its incredible features.

Besides all the features, adding music to kinemaster or background music to your video is also an amazing characteristic of this app. It’s a hot topic among people about how to add music to KineMaster?

You can perform several jobs with the state-of-the-art KineMaster app. However, we will give you all the information about adding music in this ultimate guide. So, let’s get started without wasting any time.

Steps To Add Music To KineMaster

Suppose you have downloaded and installed the KineMater app and want to add some fantastic music to your edited video. If you are now ready, just follow the easy steps mentioned below to add the background music in KineMaster Apk.

Step 1: Click and open the KineMaster app. Click on your pre-edited video to open it in KineMaster.

Step2: You will see the different options on the right side of your screen. Click on the music just located on the media panel.

Step 3: Further, you will see more options on the upper bar, click the “+” button and select your desired music or background music.

Step 4: Set the video timeline; you can add multiple background tracks and adjust them as you want.

Next, export the video in your desired format, and it’s all done for adding your favorite music to the KineMaster app.

So, it was all about adding the music to your video. Keep in mind that you can also edit the music file using different filters, applying compression, and many other tasks. The loop music file is also executable, and you can set that as the background music.

The guide does not end here; we are going to introduce your recorded voice as the background music in the KineMaster app. Isn’t it a plus? Yeah! It is wonderful.

Record and Set Audio As Background Music in KineMaster

Recording your own audio in KineMaster is a piece of cake. Just check out the following steps to set your audio as background music in KineMaster.

  • Again open the KineMaster app on your smartphone.
  • In the control panel, click on the “Record Audio” button.
  • Again press the start button and let the KineMaster start the audio recording.
  • Also, don’t forget to give Mic Permission if asked.
  • Speak whatever you want to record,
  • Stop the recording by clicking on the stop button; the KineMaster will automatically save your audio.
  • After that, adjust the audio on the timeline as you like. So, it’s all done.

Benefits of Audio Recording Feature

The audio recording feature is best for vloggers or those who want to the voiceover on the video. Yes, the KineMaster Apk does this job perfectly. Not only this, but this feature will help you if you are a singer or a musician and want to add music or voice to the video.

Supported Audio Formats

It’s crucial to take a glance at the supported audio formats by the KineMaster app. In our experience, the KineMaster app supports WAV, M4A, AAC, MP3, and so on. The Kinemaster app supports almost all types of audio formats to give you convenience and flexibility for your editing job.

How To Get Free Music?

You will be aware of the Soundcloud app to download the latest music free of cost. You can choose great artists, DJs, bands, composers, and many other categories with this app.

However, there are some terms and conditions to use music from Soundcloud. We always recommend you first read the terms and then go for downloading your favorite music.

Furthermore, YouTube creator studio is another platform to get excellent music for free. Yes, you can use the downloaded music without any copyright issues. You can also credit the artist as they are offering free music.

Final Words

To sum up, this guide is all about adding music to KineMaster. KineMaster supports different audio formats to give you a wide range of compatibility.

In the same way, you can also utilize the voiceover or voice recording feature in KineMaster. We hope this guide and our efforts will help you a lot.

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